Air Freight Shipping: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to international cargo transportation, shippers have several methods of transportation, including air or sea transportation services. If you are considering transporting One Stop Self Storage Dayton, Ohio air cargo, it is important to carefully discuss the nature of your cargo with your freight forwarder. Both air and sea transport, the two most popular methods for shipping goods across continents, have advantages that must be taken into account before choosing one or the other. The first and most iconic symbol of a fast shipping option is air transport.

Air cargo shipping

methods provide the resources needed to help move One Stop Self Storage Dayton, Ohio cargo efficiently and quickly. Unlike other types of cargo, air transport takes the cargo to the destination in same-day or next-day delivery times, depending on the distance.

Usually, the number one reason for choosing air service is the speed of delivery. Moving your cargo through the air allows you to have a shorter schedule compared to shipping. Cost is a fundamental factor in this decision-making process. While the general assumption is that shipping is cheaper than air transport, this belief requires further examination. Factors such as the quality or category of the items shipped come into play.

Airlines calculate chargeable weights, which are based on size and weight, while ocean carriers charge based on containers. Shipping costs depend more on the size of the shipment than on its actual weight. The shipment of less than one container is determined per cubic meter. Larger and heavier shipments are more profitable by sea transport. Today, all freight prices, including air freight, are much more expensive than usual, due to a number of factors.

In addition, airlines are enforcing stricter regulations on hazardous materials, such as chemicals. In the case of products such as retail, where fast turnover is essential, or electronic products, which benefit from the greater safety of air transport, air transport is often the right choice. Choose a 3PL that has the scale necessary to consolidate your air and sea cargo with that of other carriers for greater profitability. However, there are now maritime LCL services that can compete with air transport for time and are much cheaper. Air freight is billed based on the chargeable weight, which is a metric calculated by combining the weight and size of the shipment. So, what are the four main factors to consider when deciding between air and ocean freight services for your next shipment? Firstly, cost - while air transport may be faster than shipping, it usually comes at a higher price tag.

Secondly, speed - while shipping has witnessed technological advances shortening routes and delivery times to as little as eight days in some cases, air transport remains the fastest option. Thirdly, size - airlines calculate chargeable weights based on size and weight while ocean carriers charge based on containers. Lastly, safety - some products benefit from greater safety when transported by air. It's up to you to determine what makes sense for your shipping strategy. Stephanie knows all the tips and tricks to simplify your move or shipment and specializes in freight transportation and interstate relocations.

Shipping or shipping services offer a reliable, efficient and cost-effective option for companies that need to transport goods internationally.

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