The 8 Advantages of International Air Freight Moving

When it comes to transporting cargo, air freight is often the preferred option for many businesses. With its fast delivery times and reliable arrival times, air freight is the ideal choice for those who need to get their products to their destination quickly and safely. But what are the other advantages of using air freight moving? Here are eight benefits of international air cargo transportation.


- Air transport is the fastest way to transport cargo, especially if you require long-distance travel. Airlines are usually up to date with their reliable arrival and departure times, meaning that your products will arrive on time.

Even if a flight is delayed, most air cargo services operate on daily schedules, often with hourly departures.


- Working with a carrier network such as Diversified Transportation Services can help you reduce the total cost of the process. With more than 30 years of experience in the US, we create lasting relationships that help you increase mileage per truck and reduce empty miles.

High-value products

- If you have high-value, low-volume products that need to be moved quickly to a remote destination, air travel is probably your best bet.

Easy tracking

- Tracking your air cargo shipments is easy, as there's always a flight number and information about when the flight takes off and when the flight lands.


- Shipping air cargo allows you to ensure your safety, especially with expensive items.

Reduced packaging

- Because air cargo is very safe, there's no need to use heavy packaging.

Lower insurance premiums

- Insurance premiums are much lower than other alternatives due to the safety of air transport.

Faster transit times

- Faster air transport transit times reduce the need for local storage and insurance premiums are lower.

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