Weight and Size Restrictions for Air Freight Moving

The gross weight encompasses the total weight of your cargo. For small-sized or normal-sized shipments, a regular passenger plane or cargo plane with a price per kilogram (or pound) is generally used. But every plane has its limits. For example, the largest passenger aircraft so far is the Airbus A-380, with an abdominal load of around 84,200 kg. Of course, this will not be in one piece, and there are also the dimensions of the door.

If a part is too large to be loaded onto a passenger plane, all attention will be focused on the CAO cargo aircraft (cargo planes only), where the dimensions of the door may be larger than the parts shipped. There are well-known restrictions on the types and sizes of cargo shipped by air. The height, length and width of the cargo are restricted when shipped by air. The maximum cargo dimensions for ordinary air transport are 2.44 x 3.15 m.If you follow the packaging guidelines for special equipment, you can send material that exceeds these dimensions.

As a friend of your company, Universal Cargo Management has useful information throughout our site for companies that import or export and for potential international carriers. With more than 25 years as a trusted freight forwarder, we at Universal Cargo Management have heard all kinds of questions about ocean and air cargo. In particular, we hear a lot of questions when it comes to air cargo. On our air cargo page in the Services section of the Universal Cargo Management website, you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Simply tell us the three dimensions and we'll calculate the chargeable weight for you.

As weight and size increase, so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, ask us about special rates. Let us know the location of your cargo and we will direct you to the nearest receiving warehouse. We also recommend that you check with the destination customs before the shipment leaves, to ensure that there are any special regulations (&) at destination for certain products. Check with us; they can help you with any destination service.

Of course, if your cargo is chosen for a personalized examination at destination, be prepared to go home with the charges and delays in receiving the cargo. Don't worry, we'll take care of all the export formalities and customs for you. Air cargo pallets must be large enough to hold the goods they are carrying and have a cargo load greater than 100 pounds per square foot. When shipping air cargo, it's essential to understand air cargo rates and regulations and how they affect the cost of air cargo, as they apply to every shipment that is shipped by air. International air cargo transportation refers to the transportation of goods or cargo by air across international borders. Air transport is advantageous for shipments that need to travel long distances or cross international borders.

Air freight prices have increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic began, due to a lack of capacity. If you encounter any questions during the process, don't hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance to ensure a smooth and successful air cargo journey. Your box must be labeled correctly and legibly to comply with air transport labeling regulations and to ensure that the transport crew knows who owns the product. The pallets used for air transport are wooden or plastic containers that facilitate the handling, transfer and consolidation of cargo before shipment. You must ensure that you take maximum precautions to protect your cargo throughout the shipment, especially with air cargo shipments. For international trade or when time is critical, air transport offers a reliable and timely solution. Perhaps this will help you prepare to import or export by air or decide between air cargo and shipping (international shipping).

Weight restrictions for air travel may vary depending on the airline or cargo carrier you choose, as well as the specific aircraft in question. Air and sea transport are two main modes of shipping used for international transport. International Sea & Air Shipping, over years of decades of service, has become a recognized name as an international air cargo company.

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